Planning a Destination Wedding on the Beach

We don’t know what’s more romantic than a beach wedding. Sometimes planning a destination wedding on the beach can feel a bit overwhelming. Here’s a secret: it doesn’t have to be that overwhelming!!! Here’s a few easy tips to help you plan your dream destination wedding on the beach! 

4 tips for planning a destination wedding on the beach from Alabama and destination wedding photographers Goodie and Smith Weddings

Think about your attire.

Picking a wedding gown is one of the most exciting parts of any wedding day! When you plan a beach wedding, think carefully about the gown you choose because you’re going to be walking in the sand and it’s likely to be windy during your actual ceremony. We recommend a dress that’s lightweight and doesn’t have a huge train to drag in the sand. Same goes with a veil. Don’t forget the guys! We all love a good suit or tux, it may not be the most wonderful thing if anyone overheats. Just be mindful of the attire you pick for a beach wedding! 

Your timeline matters. 

Once you book a venue, start to think about the timing for your ceremony and reception. Some locations will require travel for us to find portrait locations without tourists around you. And while we all love a good sunset wedding ceremony, be mindful of what time that actually is when you plan your day! We’re happy to work with you on your wedding timeline as you gather information from the venue and weather. We want your day to be as beautiful and seamless as possible. 

destination wedding inspiration by Goodie and Smith Weddings

Plan your ceremony with the beach in mind! 

Have you ever attended a beach wedding where you can’t hear anything because of the wind? Yep, us too! We highly recommend working with your DJ to see if you can get mics out on the beach for your ceremony. And think carefully about the decor you pick. You want it to be windproof! We tend to find that less is more for destination weddings. The beach is already a gorgeous backdrop – you don’t need to do much more to make it an elegant affair! 

Welcome everyone! 

Destination weddings are really fun because everyone comes from far away to celebrate you both. Having a small welcome gift in their hotel room can be a nice and simple way to say thank you. A small snack, a map, or even a gift bag are always easy – and thoughtful – options to say hello to your guests! If possible, having an extra meal like a brunch or lunch before your wedding day can be a great way to spend extra time together too! 

bride and groom toast wedding day on the beach with Goodie and Smith Weddings

That’s it! We know that your romantic destination wedding will be absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to be there to celebrate with you! If you have any other tips for a destination wedding on the beach, leave them below!! We always love finding new information to share with our couples. 

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